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  DEPAC has been a mechanical seal manufacturer for the past twenty-five years and is recognized worldwide as a leader in sealing technologies and innovations. Our developments and products are aimed to provide the end-user with better, more reliable and more economic sealing solutions. Some DEPAC milestones include:
  • The only Seal Manufacturer with a 2-Year Warranty!
  • One of the first to market stationary mechanical seal cartridges in Europe
  • DEPAC developed the first single stationary mechanical seals
  • DEPAC offered the first stationary cartridge seals for pumps allowing up to 3mm (0.12) radial and axial tolerances.
  • The first manufacturer to offer special stationary agitator seals to allow radial and axial shaft tolerances of 6mm (0.24).
  • DEPAC invented the first stationary mechanical seal for DIN 24960
  • DEPAC developed the first stationary rolled metal bellows seal for DIN 24960

These are only a few of the innovations with which DEPAC has led the industry.