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cartridge seals
split seals
mixer seals
auxiliary systems
Range of Application Materials
Pressure -700mm (28"HG) Metals -DIN 1.4571, 316SS
  -40 bar(600 PSI) Springs -Hastelloy C
Temp. -Elastomer dependant Faces -CA, CE, SC, PTFE, SSIC,
Speed -35m/sec. (7000 FPM) O-Rings -Viton, EPDM, FEP encaps.
      -Chemraz, Karlez, Aflas, etc.
Dshaft -20.....110mm Alternatives  
    Rolled bellows -Hastelloy C, Incolloy
    Metal bellows -Hastelloy C
    Other sizes, materials or design variations upon request 
  • API 682
  • Stationary Design
  • Double pressure balanced TYPE 385
  • Tandem active
  •     Full pressure reversal on pump and
  • Springs outside the medium
  •     barrier fluid side possible
  • Cartridge mounted
  • Pressure balanced TYPE 380
  • Automatic closing by pressure
  • Shock and vibration dampened
  •     reversal     secondary faces

    • Single seal
    • Pressure balanced
    • "Floating" disaster bushing
    • Double seal
    • Sleeve with pumping screw
    • Tandem active
    • "Floating" disaster bushing
    • Double pressure balanced
    • Barrier fluid shrouds under the inner and outer seal faces