mechanical seals
component seals
cartridge seals
split seals
mixer seals
auxiliary systems

Metals -DIN 1.4571, 316 SS

Dshaft -18....100mm
Other sizes, materials and design variations upon request.

Glands must be selected according to the chosen or existing stationary part of the component mechanical seal.

DEPAC offers a complete range of glands and adapters for various DEPAC stationaries, as well as for already existing ones.

The market offers an obscure number of different stationaries. Therefore, it is impossible to provide adapters and glands for all existing parts. DEPAC offers adapters and glands, predominantly, for DEPAC stationaries.

To fit or use DEPAC glands with other stationaries, their measurements should be checked and compared carefully.

For cartridge seals, which already have 1/4" NPT connections their placement or direction is not always optimal for the feed lines. Therefore, DEPAC offers an adjustable adapter, Type 480, for easier and more practical connection possibilities.

Some Cartridge Seals from other manufacturers provide no connection for a flush. On the other hand, sometimes design features prohibit flush connections on the glands. In order to also offer flush possibilities in these instances, DEPAC can supply a special tangential flush adapter - Type 490, which is placed between the pump housing and seal gland. The special feature of this adapter is, that it has a single 1/4" NPT connection which guarantee tangential flushing for either direction shaft rotation.

With these parts, DEPAC offers optimal and simple installation possibilities for all mechanical seals.


  • For stationaries according to DIN 24960
        DS 1, DS 2,DS 3, DS 4,DS 5
  • Fits Gland 510
  • Glands

  • For Stationaries according to DIN 24960
        DS 1, DS 2, DS 3, DS 4, DS 5
  • Gland

  • For stationary DS7
  • For Adapters 450/451
  • Gland

  • For stationary DS 6, DS 8

  • 1/4" NPT-connection adapter

    1/4" NPT-tangential-flush adapter