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Range of Application Materials
Pressure -700mm Hg (28"HG) Metals -DIN 1.4571, 316 SS,
  -30bar (450 PSI) Springs -Hastelloy C
Temp. -Elastomer dependant Faces -CA, CE, SC, SSIC, TC
Speed -30m/sec. (6000 FPM) O-rings -Viton, EPDM, PTFE,FEp, encaps.,
Sizes   Welded -AM 350, hastelloy C
Dshaft -18.....100mm, 1.....4" bellows  
Rolled bellows Hastelloy C, Incolloy
    Other sizes, materials or design variations upon request
  • Stationary mechanical seal design
  • Pressure balanced
  • Shock and vibration dampened
  • Direction of rotation independant
  •     secondary faces
  • Springs outside the media
  • No fretting of shafts / sleeves
  • No stepped sleeve for pressure
  •       balancing necessary

    • Mechanical seal for any open stuffing box
    • No special gland necessary
    • Mechanical seal as alternative to packing
    • Seal with elastomer O-rings

    • Rolled bellows -Hastelloy C
    • Alternative with PTFE O-Rings
    • Temp up to 240 C(460F) and 20 bar (300PSI) pressure
    • Ideal for hot water and chemical applications
    • For slurries or media with solids
    • Welded bellow - Hastelloy C
    • Alternative with PTFE O-rings
    • Pressure up 25 bar (375 PSI)