mechanical seals
component seals
split seals

technical data
Range of Application Materials
Pressure - 700mm (HG) Metals -DIN 1.4571, 316SS
  - 12 bar   -Hastelloy C
-Hastelloy C6
-CA, SC,
-Viton, EPDM
Dshaft -50.....140mm, -2".....5 1/2 "

  • Split , space saving design.
    • No dismantling of equipment necesary
  • No stuffing box room required since the complete seal is mounted within its own housing on the outside.

    • Simple change over from packings to mechanical seals possible.
  • Large cavity available above the seal faces. Solids or slurry particles will be thrown away from the seal faces by cenrifugal force.

    • Reliable application also with solids containing fluids.
  • Mounting splints retain the spring tension. When mounting is completed the splints will be removed and the spring force will be applied to the stationary seal face.

    • Simple and easy installation.
  • Style 390 split O-rings with integrated cantering and connecting splints are an absolute novelty with regard to split seals.

    • Quick, reliable and precise mounting possibilities.
  • Gland Centering pieces do not have to be extracted or removed after installation.

    • Additional safety for easy installation procedure.
  • Fitting appliances for linear mounting are part of the scope of supply.

    • Makes installation much easier!
  • 1/4" NPT flush connection for axial fush possibility.
    • Effective alternative for sealing medias with solid content.
  • Stationary/Balanced Design
    • Reliable working conditions with lowest possible face load for longest possible service life.