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The DEPAC TS Thermosyphon system is a simple and reliable support system for double seals. It can be used with DEPAC double seals as well as those of other manufacturers.

The barrier fluid should be a low viscosity, well lubricated and clean liquid with a high specific heat capacity

Due to pipe resistance, the viscosity of the barrier fluid should not be much higher than that of water.
If for safety, technical and / or product reasons, the barrier pressure must be higher than the medium pressure, then an appropriate nitrogen buffer may be applied to pressurize the barrier fluid.

To ensure the best possible circulation, it is always recommended to use a cooling system with cooling coils within the TS-tank.

Multiple Connections
If one thermosyphon system is to be used for two seals, a circulation pump must be used in the barrier fluid line.
Metals -All products wetted parts 316 SS
Volume -7.5 liters
Operating Volume -2 liters
Operating Pressure *) -25 bar (375 PSI)
Test Pressure -33 bar (495 PSI)
Operating Temp. -10 C (4 F) to 120 C (48F)8
Cooling Efficency** -appr 1 kW by natural circulation, appr 3 kW by forced circulation
*) Stated limits are dependant on all application details
** Values based on 60C (140F) temperature of barrier fluid and 20C (68F) of cooling water.

Level Switch
The level switch allows the operator to monitor and control the fluid level. An electric signal can be used for an alarm or control an automatic filling device. An explosion proof level switch is also available.
Metals -316 SS for wetted parts
Pressure -30 bar (450 PSI)
Operating Temp. -150C (350F)
Specific gravity of barrier fluid -min. 0.7 g/cm2

Pressure Gauge Thermometer
Pressure gauge and thermometer are offered to monitor pressure and temperature in the TS-System
Metals -316 SS for wetted parts
Measuring Range  
Pressure gauge -0 - 25 bar (0 - 375 PSI)
Thermometer -0 - 200C bar (0 - 392F)

Hand pump as filling unit
The hand pump serves to refill the barrier fluid in the thermosyphon tank.The refilling can be done during operation.

The hand pump can be mounted on the DEPAC Ts tank.
Metals -316 SS for wetted parts
Feed Volume -18cm2/stroke

Circulating Pump
In order to increase the cooling efficiency of the barrier fluid, the circulating pump can be installed in the barrier fluid line.
Metals -316 SS for wetted parts
Operating Pressure -max. 35 bar (525 PSI)
Operating Temp. -max. 80C (176F)
Power connection -Standard 220V/50Hz
-Special 110V/60Hz
Electrical Consumption -22 Watt