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safety seals
Range of Application Materials
Pressure -700mm (28"HG) Metals -DIN 1.4571, 316SS
  -28 bar (420 PSI)   -Hastelloy C
Temp. -Elastomer dependant Springs -Hastelloy C
Speed -25m/sec. (5000 FPM) Faces -CA, CE, Sc SSIC, TC
    O-Rings -Viton, EPDM, PTFE, FEP
Sizes      encaps.
Dshaft -24....100mm, -1"....4"   -Chemraz, Karlez, Aflas, etc.
    Welded bellows -Hastelloy C, AM 350
    Rolled bellows -Hastelloy C, Incolloy
    Other sizes, materials or design variations upon request
  • Adjustable "safety" seal
  • Cartridge design
  • Stationary design
  • Design variations with O-Ring,
  • Pressure balanced
  •     metal- or rolled bellows
  • Gland - alternatives
        Standard gland with or without
        special connections
      - Gland with 1/4" NPT flush
        and quench connection
      - Gland for large stuffing box
        dimensions (ANSI)

    • O-Ring design
    • Alternatives
      -Welded bellows TYPE 296 P
      -Rolled bellows TYPE 299 P
    • Gland with 1/4" NPT flush and quench connections
    • Rolled bellows design
    • Alternative welded bellows Type 311 P